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Carpet Tags

Part # Description
40 5” x 8” Red Remnant Tag
41 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” Carpet Cut Record Tag


Carpet Tag Pins

Nickel-plated, heavy-duty pins. 100 per package.

Part # Description

3” Carpet Tag Pin

39 4” Carpet Tag Pin

carpet binding supplies

Roll & REM Stretch Tape

The most cost-effective and fastest method for securing rolls and rems. Protects furniture, machines, and equipment against moving and storage damage. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations with short roll length and high plastic thickness.

Part # Description
  • Case of 18 rolls, 3” x 1000’ per roll, 80 gauge
  • Applies like tape but is non-adhesive—it only sticks to itself
  • Stretches to wrap, then tightens to hold
  • Will not dig into surface of carpet or vinyl, unlike twine and tape
  • Leaves no residue and provides a 3-inch, smudge-free surface for markings
  • Securely holds remnant tags
  • Works on carpet-face yarns, backing, and vinyl
  • Each roll comes with its own handl